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Music Aural Theory Trainer (M.A.T.T.) is a vibrant online Learning Management System, powering music education the world over.

Designed for use in both primary/secondary schools and private studios, M.A.T.T. supports and caters to each teacher’s unique blend of student-driven learning and teacher-led instruction. Aural and theory concepts are combined in a holistic approach for maximum engagement and effectiveness.

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A.M.E.B. and Trinity prep

M.A.T.T.’s grade-specific courses are designed to provide a progressive guide to the specific aural and theory requirements for A.M.E.B. and Trinity practical exams. Completion of these courses ensures adequate preparation for the aural and theory components for practical exams.



M.A.T.T.’s flagship course is designed to introduce coherent, contextual aural and theory concepts that develop the necessary musical skills required to listen actively and engage meaningfully with real music.



Forum provides a platform for administrators, teachers, and students to correspond within their community via announcements, group chat, and private messaging features. Teachers can provide feedback and grade their students’ progress and contributions.

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