About M.A.T.T.

Music Aural Theory Trainer is a vibrant Learning Management System that encourages active listening and music literacy. It’s designed for use in both primary and secondary schools and private music studios. Programs are suitable for students of all levels.

Courses are gamified to encourage active learning and improve motivation.

  • Structured competency based learning plans aligned to national curricula
  • Learning plans are customisable and provide flexibility to educators
  • Highest quality aural and theory course content available, including musical examples performed by professional musicians (no MIDI), and an unrivalled use of extended repertoire
  • Novel format that keeps students engaged
  • Interactive activities designed to target specific skills and increase engagement
  • 360 support – including online tutorials, forum discussions, comprehensive how-to guides and technical support

Subscription information

A subscription includes:

  • comprehensive A.M.E.B and Trinity College London aural and theory preparation courses (all grades)
  • M.A.T.T.’s proprietary aural training and music literacy course, Discovery
  • Forum access for discussion and support requests

M.A.T.T. in the classroom – A unique aid for teachers

Homework is fun for students

  • Designed to help teachers introduce students to aural and theory skills in a progressive, comprehensive, contextual and holistic format
  • Teachers can assign existing learning plan templates for competency-based key learning areas or create their own based upon their students’ specific needs
  • Promotes autonomous learning through extensive use of links and references
  • Can be completed as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with the AMEB and Trinity courses when further context is required or further stimulation and experience is sought
  • M.A.T.T.’s proprietary introductions ensure each key learning area is frames within a scholarly and historical context to facilitate a great depth of understanding

A.M.E.B and Trinity Exam Preparation

Putting theory and aural training in context, M.A.T.T. is the ultimate resource for quality AMEB and Trinity theory and aural practice material. Its courses have been created expressly to meet each exam’s requirements and guide students through every aspect of the knowledge they need.