Privacy Policy

(“M.A.T.T.”) collects, uses and discloses your data as follows:

1.    Collection

1.1 M.A.T.T. collects the following information (“the Data”) from you:

name, institution/organisation name, institution/organisation address, email address (“Customer Data”).

information about your computer including, your browser details and IP address; and information about how you used M.A.T.T.’s website and cloud services including, which pages you visited, how you used the website and when you used it (“Usage Data”).

name(s), email address(es), activity results, course enrolment data (“Cloud Services User Data”).

The Data is collected:

(a) to provide you with the software and the website and cloud experience;

(b) to enable you to optimally utilise goods and services from M.A.T.T.;

(c) to enable the institution that purchased any purchase goods and services from M.A.T.T. and its employees and agents to assist you as requested/required;

(d) to enable M.A.T.T. to market further goods and services to you and others;

(e) to communicate with you through your institution’s/organisation’s chosen representative; and

(f) to enable M.A.T.T.’s distributors and resellers to provide support to you and to market further goods and services to you and others.

1.2 In relation to information

(a) The entity which collects that information is M.A.T.T.. It may be contacted by:

(b) You can gain access to information by sending an email to

(c) “Customer Data”, “Cloud Services User Data”, and “Usage Data” is hosted, backed-up, and processed using the following providers:

Customer Location Storage Provider
Australia and New Zealand Australia AWS

(d) If you do not provide information then A.T.T. is unable to provide you with any services or software or access to its websites.

1.3 The information is only collected from you and your

2.       Use & Disclosure

2.1 The information collected is not used for any purpose other than the primary purpose of

3.       Data Quality

3.1 M.A.T.T. shall promptly update any information that it collects about you to ensure that it is accurate, complete and up to date.

4.       Data Security

4.1 M.A.T.T. shall protect the information that it collects from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification and disclosure. Where available encryption is used.

4.2 M.A.T.T. shall destroy or permanently delete identification information if:

(a) it is no longer needed for any purpose for which the information may be used or disclosed or

(b) M.A.T.T. is directed to do so by a data subject.

5.      Openness

5.1 This document can be found at and is available upon request to

5.2 The information collected is held in the computer systems and books and records of M.A.T.T. as data controller and the data processors listed in this policy.

6.       Anonymity

6.1 Where possible M.A.T.T. shall provide you with the option of not identifying yourself when entering into a transaction.

7.     Sensitive Information

7.1 M.A.T.T. does not collect and will never request information related to health, racial or ethnic background, or criminal records.

8.       GDPR

8.1 This statement sets out M.A.T.T.’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation with which it complies.

9.       Australian Privacy Principles

9.1 This statement sets out M.A.T.T.’s compliance with the privacy protection guidelines contained within the Privacy Act 1988